Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eric S. Brown

Today I feature a true "indie" author. He doesn't sit on his laurels. He is published by a number of small presses and major houses. His work is even now being adapted for the screen. I give you Eric S. Brown.
James Robert Smith: What made you want to write zombie novels?

Eric S. Brown: When I was a very young child, I watched Night of the Living Dead. It gave me nightmares for weeks. When the nightmares stopped, I missed them. I went and sought out a copy of Dawn of the Dead. From there I was hooked on zombies. Dawn was one of those films that leaves its mark on you from how awesome it was. It made me want create that type of wonderful, end of the world story myself. That's how I got into zombies and I still am writing them today. Dawn of the Dead and its remake are still my fav. Z films of all time.

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